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Salt Creek Nearshore Wood Placement Project

0 Post Views: 42   If you’ve ventured out to Crescent Bay in the past few weeks you may have noticed some activity along the banks of the north side […]

Ecosystem conservation in action: getting out of harms way while protecting ecosystem function in the Dungeness drift cell: Saving the Salish Sea

Feeder bluffs are a defining component of our Salish Sea. CWI has been working for decades to understand, protect, and restore these beautiful foundations of our region.

Beavers in our Nearshore Environment: Why Should We Care?

0 Post Views: 64 By Breyanna Waldsmith, Coastal Watershed Institute Beavers are well known “ecosystem engineers”, meaning they alter their environment disproportionately to other organisms. These ecosystem modifications include the building […]

Restarting a Sediment Engine of the Strait of Juan de Fuca: The Twin Rivers Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration

0 Post Views: 118 UPDATE: Ecosystem evolution along the Twin Rivers nearshore published: Restoration of Coastal Beach Forming Ecosystem Processes through Shoreline Armoring Removal of a Former Mine Site Increases […]

Squid in the Nearshore

By Caroline Walls, biologist Coastal Watershed Institute. For the first time in well over a decade, the California market squid, Loligo opalescens, has been spotted in our waters.

Elwha Nearshore Rising: Beach Lake Shoreline Restoration

0 Post Views: 92 Over 100 years ago, before the Elwha River dams were built, the Beach Lake area of the Elwha shoreline along the Strait of Juan de Fuca […]

Forage fish of the Elwha and Dungeness nearshore: world class restoration and protection in the upper left hand corner of the United States.

0 Post Views: 29 Following complete removal of the last dam from the Elwha River it appears that the nearshore food webs have begun to repair themselves.  During a recent […]

High Feeder Bluffs: What they mean to you, and how to understand natural processes to inform a community ‘Living on the Edge’

0 Post Views: 30 The views are as magical as they are temporary atop the Dungeness Bluffs-which form the backbone of Dungeness Spit.  Dungeness Bluffs, Spit, and Bay are fragile, […]

Restoration Sediment Now Arriving on Sediment Starved Elwha Feeder Bluffs: Understanding Sediment Delivery to the Elwha Nearshore

0 Post Views: 28 The Elwha drift cell extends from Freshwater Bay to the end of Ediz Hook.  Beaches along the Elwha drift cell have been starved of sediment for […]

Next steps for the Elwha nearshore

0 Post Views: 25 On Tuesday, 12 August 2014, Jamie Michel, CWI nearshore biologist and Kathryn Neal, City of Port Angeles, updated NOAA, DFW, and DNR management on key priorities […]