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Who We Are


Kristin Kirkman, Nearshore Field Biologist​
Bronwyn Davis, Field Technician​
Annie Armstrong, Field Technician​

Student interns (2024)

Amelia Kalagher, Peninsula College/Western Washington University

Carolynn Pype, Peninsula College
Will Plasch, Peninsula College/Western Washington University

Former Interns (2000-2023)

Stephanie Arsenault, Jasmine Baker, Kendall Barton, Daniel Brooks, Justin Brown, Katrina Campbell, Jesse Charles, Marisa Christopher, Beth Connelly, Bronwyn Davis, Josh Davis, Anthony Delorenzi, Chris DeSisto, Meghan Fallon, Ian Franco, Mckenzie Ginther, Joseph Gonze, Shane Greenwalt, Kassandra Grimm, Justin Gross, Bryan Hara, Nicole Harris, David Harvey, Erica Hirsh, Keelan Hooper, Brad Hostedler, Rosalind Huang, Bligh  Hueske, John Kaserk, Rowan Kelsall, Aja Lathrop, Mario Laungayan, Romy Laungayan, Rebecca Lucas, Tara Marrow, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Tara McBride, Haley McCartney, Shea McDonald, Ross McDorman, Jenna Moore, Nathan Moore, Lily Mooth, Anna Morgane, Ryan Moriarty, Tiffany Nabors, Cayla Naumann, Sean Oden, Rebecca Paradis, Charlie Parks, Kendra Parks, Rylee Phillips, Jacob Ray, Wade Raynes, Joe Reynolds, Tyler Ritchie, Melanie Roed, Justin Rondeau, David Samples, Sara Schoeneman, Sam Schlotterback. Jeron Sikes, Trista Simmons, Willie Spring, Clinton Stipek, Brad Stone, Tony Thompson, Emily Thornton, Don Vilella, Jesse Wagner, Breyanna Waldsmith, Ben Warren, Sheri Washington, Seren Weber, Karen Wilkie, Curtis Welker, Jon Wittouk, Eric Wood, Steve Wyall, and Becca Yucha.

CWI Senior Science Fellows

Daniel Dafoe, Habitat Biologist

Dan is retired from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) after 25 years of service. With a background in fisheries, he holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the State University of New York in Albany. Dan’s career has included government service with Olympic National Park and military service with the U.S. Coast Guard. As a former habitat biologist with WDFW, Dan has been a supporter of the goals and objectives of Coastal Watershed Institute since its inception. To that end, he has provided assistance with hydraulic permitting issues and on-the-ground assistance with the Salt Creek Nearshore Wood Placement Project.

Clinton Stipek, Senior Data Scientist, Former CWI Intern

Clinton Stipek is a data engineer and scientist at Oak Ridge National Labs. His current work focuses on multi-faceted and complex issues surrounding global human population patterns. His early career in science began as an intern with CWI where his love for nature blossomed and has continued to this day. He will never forge the amazing memories, lessons, and individuals he worked and works with at CWI.

Laura James, Environmental Filmmaker, Beneath the Looking Glass LLC.

Laura James is an award winning underwater videographer, plunging into the depths to capture the mesmerizing world beneath the surface. With a profound love for marine life, she combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of ocean ecosystems. Laura’s lens reveals the beauty of our wild cold water coastlines, and the delicate balance of nearshore ecosystems. Her work not only showcases the wonders of the ocean but also advocates for marine conservation. As an underwater storyteller, Laura is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of preserving our seas. Her visually stunning videos immerse audiences in the mysteries of the underwater realm.

Jan Roletto, Seabird and Marine Mammal Biologist, Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Jan Roletto is a Research Coordinator and Ecologist for Greater Farallones, Cordell Bank and northern portion of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries. Jan specializes in the ecology of seabirds, marine mammals and their forage species, rocky intertidal and deep-sea corals and sponges. Jan, as a leader in seabird ecology and monitoring, designs and executes monitoring, research and exploration studies that quantifies keystone and foundation species as indicators of ecosystem health, detect changes, predict trends, assess management effectiveness, predict impacts from permitted activities, and damage assessment resulting in mitigation and restoration of marine and estuarine species and habitats. Jan holds a Master’s of Science from San Francisco State University. She lends her seabird expertise to the Coastal Watershed Institute for scientific monitoring and educational work.

Wendy Gerstal, Engineering Geologist

Wendy Gerstal is an engineering geologist with a particular interest in landform development and slope processes. She enjoys working with private landowners, homeowner associations, Tribes, non-profit groups, local municipalities and conservation districts to mitigate landslide and erosion hazards using environmentally friendly, cost-effective land-use practices. A decades long collaborator of CWI, Wendy holds a shared goal with partners and collaborators is to conserve and improve critical nearshore habitat without threatening human life and property.

Jacilee Wray, Anthropologist, CWI Founding Member ​

Jacilee holds a MA in Anthropology from NAU, Flagstaff. From 1990-2014, Jacilee worked with the Olympic National Park as an anthropologist. Their works include Native Peoples of the Olympic Peninsula and From the Hands of a Weaver, OU Press (editor) and Native American Traditional and Contemporary Knowledge of the Northern Olympic Peninsula Nearshore, written in collaboration with Dr. Anne Shaffer and tribal members. Jacilee’s current project is a work titled Native Peoples of the Morongo Basin about the Serrano and Chemehuevi Indians of the Mojave Desert.

Tom Badger, Engineering Geologist​

Tom has a Bachelors in Geology and a Masters in Geological Engineering and has worked for the past 40 years on geologic hazards and heavy civil construction.  Most of these years were with the Washington State Department of Transportation, last serving as it’s chief engineering geologist. He’s now engaged with a little consulting, more recreational pursuits, and giving back.  Tom has lived his entire adult life in the Pacific Northwest and remains awed by its natural wonders and grateful to all who’ve dedicated themselves to study and protect them. Tom has been a long-time supporter of CWI and now joins work leadership circle to engage the next generation of science and managers on how to identify, and save, what matters.

Tom Badger

Dave Parks, Hydrogeologist, CWI Founding Officer

Dave is an award winning hydrogeologist as well as a founding member of and senior science fellow with the Coastal Watershed Institute. He holds a MS degree in hydrogeology from the University of Washington and an undergraduate degree in geology from Stanislaus State University. He has authored numerous important scientific papers on coastal hydrodynamic processes and has dedicated his career to honest earnest visionary problem solving for coastal ecosystem conservation and restoration. He is also an accomplished underwater photographer with images published in National Geographic and Tom Quinn’s award winning book on salmon ecology, The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout Wiley Publishing

Michael Pollock, Ecosystems Analyst, NOAA

Michael Pollock is an Ecosystems Analyst who works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Michael holds a doctorate in Ecosystems Analysis from the University of Washington College of Forest Resources and a B.S. in Biochemistry from CalPoly Humboldt. He has worked in West Coast watersheds from Alaska to California studying how the movement and storage of energy and materials within a watershed can be manipulated to restore natural processes in support of recovery of riverine and esturine habitat. he has written extensively on the use of beaver as a restoration tool, and more recently has been developing design criteria for process-based restoration that more explicitly incorporates biophysical processes into restoration projects in the context of a changing climate.

Executive Advisory Board

Linda Carroll, Accountant
Bonita Cleveland, Quileute Tribe
Marsha Robins, Shoreline Landowner
Shirley Nixon, J.D., L.L.M
Joe Schmitt, Captain,Whiskey Creek Marine Services; former owner, Whiskey Creek Resort
Jamie Valadez, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
Gavin Woodin, Dive Officer, Pt Defiance Aquarium

Scientific Advisory Board & Key collaborators

Dwight Barry, PhD, Senior Scientist/Data Analyst, Childrens Hospital
Chris Byrnes, Senior Fish Biologist (Retired), WDFW
Dan Dafoe, Habitat Biologist (Retired) WDFW
Dave Parks, Hydrogeologist, DOE
Dan Penttila, Fish Biologist (Retired), WDFW
Bill Ritchie, Biologist, Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, USFWS
Jan Roletto, Marine Biologist, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
Andy Stevenson, Gologist (Retired), USGS
Jacilee Wray, Anthropologist (Retired) Olympic National Park

Board of directors

Carol Holman, Member at Large

Carol Holman is currently a senior planner for the Washington State Department of Commerce in the Growth Management Services Division and has a strong background in science and urban planning. She provides technical assistance to over twenty jurisdictions, reviews proposed comprehensive plan and development regulation amendments, manages grants, and works toward specializing in expert-level knowledge of the Growth Management Act’s requirements pertaining to Capital Facilities. Prior to Commerce, Carol’s transition into the world of urban planning began at the local government level in 2017. 

Carol holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California and a   bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University as well as completing a Marine Sedimentary Processes apprenticeship at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs in 2014 that included a strong field science collaboration with the Coastal Watershed Institute mapping coastal sediment changes associated with the Elwha dam removals.

Carol brings CWI a unique and powerful leadership perspective through the lenses of planning and science, and navigating these worlds as a First Nations/Alaska Native woman.


Carolyn M. Byerly, Member at Large

Carolyn is a social scientist who holds a doctorate in mass communication from University of Washington. Her expertise is in media policy, employment, and other issues as these relate to women and people of color in the United States and internationally. Her commitment to social justice (including environmental justice) can be seen in her community-level involvements as well as her academic work, which together span more than 50 years. She is retired from the faculty of Howard University, Washington, DC, and presently lives in Olympia, WA. Her commitment as a CWI board member is to expand visibility for the organization’s work, particularly its commitment to advance opportunities for women in natural sciences.

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Rowan Kelsall, Member at Large

Rowan Kelsall, a member at Large. Rowan has an impressive decade-long background in natural resource management. Rowan began his career as an intern for the Coastal Watershed Institute, after which he gained experience in conservation and environmental education. Rowan has gained experience working in state government, as well as hands on experience combating wildfires. Seeking ways to expand his knowledge and passion for environmental education, Rowan volunteered as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer, wherein he dutifully served the people of Senegal through agroforestry extension education and efforts. Additionally, Rowan understands the importance of protecting fisheries, wetlands, and natural resources. Rowan is pursuing his Master’s degree at the Evergreen State College in Environmental Studies wherein he is dedicated to continuing a life dedicated to environmental stewardship.


Jason Todd Roberts, Member at Large

Jason is a seasoned Photographer and Video Producer with extensive experience in the field. With a degree in digital video production from the prestigious LA Film School, Jason has honed his skills and expertise over the past two decades.

Throughout his career, Jason has worked diligently in the audio and video production industry, showcasing his creativity and technical prowess. His dedication and passion have led him to excel in various roles, including his notable work in news casting for Northwest Indian News and the show Mysteries Decoded.


Jason’s talent and versatility have been recognized by renowned organizations such as Nat Geo, Discovery, and Columbia Sports Wear. In his role as a PA and location scout, he has contributed to the success of numerous projects, providing his expertise in finding the perfect settings and capturing captivating footage.


Currently, Jason serves as a solo video producer for the Makah tribe and the Makah Cultural and Research Center. In this role, he skillfully captures and preserves the rich cultural heritage of the Makah people, employing his keen eye and technical mastery to create visually stunning and emotionally impactful videos.


With an unwavering commitment to his craft and a deep respect for the power of visual storytelling, Jason Todd Roberts continues to leave an indelible mark in the world of photography and video production and leads work, including with CWI, on understanding, protecting, restoring   cultural waterways and land conservation for Tribal cultural and natural ecosystems.

Ann Prezyna, President

Ann is an environmental attorney with over 40 years of experience who has spent her career devoted to protecting the environment and preserving wildlife and its habitat. Ann has focused on fighting for the preservation of the natural world since childhood, when she observed massive fish kills and toxic algae blooms on Lake Erie near her home. Ann’s career has included government service (Alaska Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), the nonprofit sector (General Counsel for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society), and the private sector (in-house environmental counsel for British Petroleum and private practice).


John Albiso, Treasurer

John  is retired from the US Navy after 28 years of service. He holds a BS degree from the US Naval Academy and an MS degree from the Naval Postgraduate School.  He is an active retiree pursuing individual study into the response of salmon and trout to trolled artificial lures when the fishing season is open.


David S. Parks

David Parks, Secretary

Dave is an award winning hydrogeologist as well as a founding member of and senior science fellow with the Coastal Watershed Institute. He holds a MS degree in hydrogeology from the University of Washington and an undergraduate degree in geology from Stanislaus State University. He has authored numerous important scientific papers on coastal hydrodynamic processes and has dedicated his career to honest earnest visionary problem solving for coastal ecosystem conservation and restoration. He is also an accomplished underwater photographer with images published in National Geographic and Tom Quinn’s award winning book on salmon ecology, The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout Wiley Publishing


In Memory

Vince Cooke

Fierce Friend and Founding Board Member, Coastal Watershed Institute